TheraBounce is thrilled to partner with Rebound Fitness

TheraBounce is thrilled to partner with Rebound Fitness to offer exceptional high quality rebounders to individuals of all abilities across Canada.

Rebounding can be used to target individualized goals, whether the goal is to improve fitness and endurance, develop motor skills, sensory input, improve balance, lymphatic drainage… the list goes on!

Rebounding has a multitude of health benefits and is adaptable to the goals and abilities of each and every individual.

This is why we love rebounding and we know you will too!

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50% off a private Flexi-Bounce Therapy Session with Jenn Evans. 

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Fit Bounce Pro XL

approved for Flexi Bounce Therapy

The Fit Bounce Pro XL is a half-folding, SILENT, Beautifully Engineered Mini Trampoline for Adults and Children.  It is orthopaedic quality and approved  for Flexi-Bounce Therapy supporting adults & children with additional needs.

Includes Beginners DVD,  FREE access to Home Use Flexi-Bounce Therapy videos and development programme & method to record progress, FREE Bounce Counter to count your bounces and FREE Online Video workouts for general use.

Max weight 150kgs / 330lbs.

Buy Pro Quality Rebounders

for Physiotherapy & Home use

Rebounding emerged nearly 50 years ago and research into rebounding has proven its many health benefits, including:

  • Burning 100s of calories
  • Greatly reducing body fat
  • Very effectively stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • Improving the immune system
  • Improving and correcting posture
  • Strengthening the core
  • Improving proprioception

Therabounce has partnered with Rebound Fitness who have spent more than 20 years perfecting the design and manufacture process of Rebounders for use by professional therapists and in the home.  BUY HERE for high quality rebounders that provide a consistently perfect low impact bounce.

  • "Two years ago I was awaiting an operation for weak bladder control but after 6 months of rebounding 2-3 times a week when I went to hospital for my pre-op check up I was told I no longer required the operation!”

    Bernadette Peel
  • After 4 children Rebounding has certainly help strengthen my pelvic floor and give me much better bladder control. It is the only class that I have managed to stick at, as it never gets boring.”

    Sue Cullinane Mum of 4
  • "As an ex Pro Athlete I can no longer participate in high impact activities but need a high calorie burning workout to keep my fitness levels high and my weight down.  The ReboundUK rebounders are high quality, low impact and their fantastic DVDs keep me motivated an on track.  Awesome!"  

    Jason Wade Athlete & PT
  • "Shortly after I gave birth to Amelie I was keen to regain my fitness and the rebounder seemed like a lot of fun. It was amazing how quickly I began to lose the pounds with just a few short workouts a week."

    Bethany Foxwell Nurse & New Mum
  • "Trampolining isn’t just for kids. Rebounding can offer serious benefits for runners.”

    Runner's World
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