Power Twist

The Power Twist is a slightly more choreographed routine with the feet and arms going in different directions.

It is a twist – ensure that people are twisting at the waist to work the hip and trunk rotators.

Legs are together as in the military press, as you bounce you twist at the waist and move your feet to right, and the left arm is extended to the left side at 90 degrees to the body whilst the right arm is bent at the elbow with the hand at the top of the chest.. Bounce for 2 counts and then twist and switch direction so the feet are to the left, and the right arm is extended.

You can do these double bounces (quite challenging) or single bounces (also challenging with the twist) or do one double bounce and two singles.

It is an intense move and is usually introduced gradually either towards the end of class or after a few weeks when the participants are ready for it.

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