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    Benefits of Rebounding

    There are many scientifically proven health and fitness benefits of rebounding and it is important to choose a high quality mini-trampoline if these benefits are to be achieved.

    One of the key benefits is the Lymphatic Drainage that occurs when you rebound on a good quality rebounder.  The lymphatic system makes up part of your immune system & plays a vital role in defending your body against harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins. Spread throughout your body, like blood vessels, the lymphatic system removes excess fluid and waste from your tissues and returns it to your bloodstream via the heart which are then excreted out of the body via the lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels.

    The energising and bio-mechanical effects of Rebounding on your lymphatic system helps flush harmful toxins, bacteria and other waste from your body. By constantly opposing gravity and the up-and-down rhythmic gravitational force caused by jumping on a mini trampoline, the one-way valves of the lymphatic system are forced to open at the top of the jump and close at the bottom of each bounce creating an invigorating lymphatic flush.

    Other benefits include:

    • incredible weight loss
    • it’s very low impact so kind on joints
    • improves the immune system
    • it tones and strengthens to change body shape
    • it strengthens the core
    • it strengthens the bladder and pelvic floor
    • it increases bone density
    • it improves sporting performance
    • it’s an exercise for everyone – regardless of age, gender & fitness level

    Read the full article here.

    Our great Rebound Fitness workouts incorporate important exercises and movement patterns such as squats, lunges, twists, pushes and sprints between bursts of jogging and bouncing, all on a low impact surface.  Unlike a trampoline you never leave the rebounder mat surface by more than a few inches – the base jumpmove is the foundation move to all our workouts

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