Weight Loss

By rebounding for just 30 minutes a day using good technique on a high quality well sprung rebounder you could lose a stone in 3 – 4 weeks.

Consider when you are running on a treadmill and it asks you to enter your body weight to determine how many calories you have burnt during your run.  If you were to put in that you are heavier than you actually are, it will show a significantly higher calorie burn. Rebounding achieves this higher calorie burn because your exercising body weight becomes heavier due to the effect of gravitational pull. Your exercising body weight can achieve up to 3.24 times its normal body weight making it so much more effective than other forms of mainstream exercise.

All other exercise is performed  on the horizontal plane so there are no extra demands/forces being placed on the body.  Rebounding is performed on the vertical plane (bouncing) and that creates extra healthy demands on our body making us work harder than normal, without feeling it, thus creating a higher calorie burn in the same amount of time.  This is why rebounding is a fast, proven and effective way of losing weight and burning body fat.

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