Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder II


The Fit Bounce Pro is a half-folding, SILENT, Beautifully Engineered Professional Mini Exercise Trampoline for Adults and Kids.

Includes DVD, Carry/Storage Bag, FREE Bounce Counter to count your bounces and FREE Online Video workouts.

Max weight 150kgs/ 330lbs.

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The Fit Bounce Pro is a half-folding, SILENT, Beautifully Engineered Professional Mini Exercise Trampoline for Adults and Kids.

✅ EFFORTLESS BOUNCING FOR ALL THE FAMILY with our Top Seller Indoor Home Folding Rebounder. Suitable for Adults and Kids of all ages with amazing benefits for Autistic Children using Rebound Therapy. Beautifully engineered for maximum lymphatic drainage to detox the body, Tones muscles and Tightens the skin, dramatically increasing core strength and improving posture.

✅ VERY LOW IMPACT BOUNCE FOR FITNESS TRAINING. Lose Weight and achieve your Fitness Goals with our exciting Rebound Workouts & Exercises on DVD and Online streamed Workouts 24/7, all very low impact so no strain on your joints! Package includes a free bounce counter to measure how many bounces you completed in each workout! Can be used in bare feet, grip socks or sneakers.  Purchase Grip Socks here.

✅ EXPERIENCE A SOFT SILENT LANDING. Our Mega-Strong, Patented bungee system with 60 strong connectors (twice as many as any other bungee rebounder) is perfectly tensioned for Fitness and Holistic training. Weight limit 140kgs/330lbs. Silent bounce so you can bounce anywhere! Beginners information booklet on the benefits of rebounding and a strong stable handlebar can be purchased if needed here.

✅ NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED. No complicated or multiple bungee settings to mess around with. Neat half folding design and strong folding legs for easy set up and storage, (unlike other fixed bulky leg designs). Includes metal locking bolt for safety. Strong zip up storage/carry bag for easy transportation. Lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on mat. Spare parts available shipped direct from our warehouse.’


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– Dimensions: The frame is approx. 99cm (39 inches) in diameter, the mat surface is approx. 66cm (26 inches) in diameter and the rebounder stands 33cm (13 inches) from the ground.
– Weight: The Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder weighs 9.9kg (21.5lb) and is carefully weighted to prevent the Rebounder moving across the floor when bouncing.

What is the weight limit of the Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder?
The Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder performs perfectly up to user weights of up to 150kg (23.6 stone/330lb).

Is the Fit Bounce Pro suitable for barefoot bouncing?
Yes! The Fit Bounce Pro is perfect for use without trainers. Barefoot bouncing is extremely beneficial for strengthening the planter muscles underneath the foot and the stabilising muscles around the ankle joint.

Does the Fit Bounce Pro make any noise?
No, none at all! The Fit Bounce Pro uses bungee cords instead of metal springs and is the quietest bounce you will get.

Where can I found more information on the Bounce & Burn membership?
We’ve launched the UK’s first online Rebounding platform, bringing you all the fitness and health benefits of Rebounding straight to your living room. Join us and our Master Trainers from around the world on a journey to burn fat, build strength and most importantly have FUN. With access to hundreds of workouts, specialist nutrition plans & recipes and discounts from our partners, the Bounce & Burn membership is perfect to support you and keep you motivated. For more information on the Bounce & Burn membership click here.

What is the spare parts service?
Unlike many Rebounders on market, all ReboundUK’s rebounders come with a full spare parts service. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and is as robust as possible however sometimes even a rebounder can tweak a hamstring! Every component of our rebounders is replaceable however should anything happen to a spring (or bungee), mat, rubber feet, leg or a skirt we stock replacements so you wont have to buy a whole new rebounder.

Does the Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder come with a warranty?
• Yes! You can register your Rebounder for warranty here. For full details of our warranty terms & conditions, please click here which details the general terms and specific product warranty terms in the annex.
• We have a dedicated customer service team always available to answer any questions you may have about your product or workouts and can assist you with any query, please email

Where do I attach the resistance bands?
The resistance bands can be used with the Fit Bounce Pro by looping the carabiner clip around the frame of the rebounder and clipping the carabiner clip back into the resistance bands. To see how they attach please click <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"here.

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