ITV’s Loose Women love Rebounding!

Since ReboundUK put the Loose Women through their paces live on ITV, Nadia Sawalha has not looked back. She’s discovered a workout she loves, seen amazing results on her weight loss journey and found a new lease of life!

“Rebounding is my most favourite exercise ever. I truly love it, I get a massive calorie burn and feel brilliant afterwards! It’s low-impact, anyone can do it, at any age. The best thing is that I do it while watching The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Sometimes I bounce for ten minutes, sometimes two hours.” Nadia’s folding rebounder stores neatly behind the sofa before coming out to play each day.

“Instead of jumping up like you do on a trampoline, you push down. The gravity helps my vision, spine, muscle, bones, lungs, heart – everything.”

Nadia, 51, who home-schools her two daughters, Maddie, 14, and Kiki-Bee, nine, ditched her previous exercise regime for her rebounder.

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