Meet Our Rebounding Experts!

Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself to workout? Don’t worry, our team of international presenters have enough motivation to go around.

  • Jess – JDK Fitness Live Online, On Demand, In Person Classes

    I’ve seen first hand how amazing a mini trampoline workout is, not just for me but for everyone who’s been coming along and having great fun with me. I love seeing change, goals being smashed, confidence being lifted and just huge smiles from having fun.

  • Vikki Gamblen Live Online, In Person Classes

    Vikki is a Master Trainer for Rebound Fitness and an industry veteran of 15 years and has spent time working with large brands across the globe.

  • The Townsend Twins Live Online, On Demand, In Person Classes

    Chloe & Francesca are fitness presenters, influencers and group exercise experts. They choreograph high, energy, exciting music and have presented at fitness events across the UK including Fitness Fiesta, Colour Run, Colour Rush as well as appearing on TV, most recently Sunday Brunch.

  • Errol Barrows
    Errol Barrows In Person Classes

    Errol is a committed, creative and self-motivated Sport & Physical Activity Development Specialist, with extensive experience in development within the public, volunteer and private sector.

  • Jenni Rivett

    Jenni is an international fitness and nutrition consultant. Author, fitness journalist, and creator of four DVDs. Through her passion, she was once voted Britain’s top fitness trainer by the ‘Best of British’ publications. The highlight of her career was having the honour of working for Princess Diana for seven years.

  • Pamela Lai aka. Smiler

    As well as being a ReboundUK Master Trainer, Pam is a new Mummy and still finds time to teach our Bounce & Burn programme alongside dance aerobics, barre and full body workouts at various venues in London and Online.

  • Jeannine Desmier
    Jeannine Desmier aka. 1sculpt

    Spending the last 10 years teaching at London’s top studios and being a professional dancer, Jeannine’s passion is making fitness fun.

  • Meghan Cooney

    Meghan fell in love with rebounding from her first bounce! She appreciates how challenging each workout is while still being low-impact and detoxifying for your body. Rebounding has helped her reach a whole new level of fitness. In her high-energy workouts, she focuses on mastering good form so that you can push yourself past your limits. Let’s get sweaty!

  • Zoe Livingstone LivFit

    Hi I’m Zoe.  Whatever your stage in life, whatever your end goal, I will give you the tools, motivation and the confidence to continue onwards and upwards.  Qualified PT, Rebound UK, Boxing Fitness, Exercise Referral & Level 5 Nutrition.  Classes in Yateley, Hampshire and Online.

  • Rob Sharpe
    Rob Sharpe aka. Wolverine

    Rob is an International Fitness Presenter, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with 14 years experience in the Fitness Industry.

  • Jodie Rix Jodie Rix Fitness

    Jodie has been in the fitness industry since 2002 working as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and Tutor. Jodie’s aim is to encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to get active, be active and stay active

  • Claire Roberts Claire Roberts

    Bringing the dance floor to the rebounder!  I’ve been in a West End show and a dancer for years.  I absolutely love to rebound and all the health benefits that go with it.  Such Fun !!!


  • Anika Fit
    Anika Fit aka. Miss Fit

    Anika is a fully qualified physiotherapist and fitness instructor. Certified in many different fitness disciplines including pilates, personal training and nutritional counselling, she specialises in improving posture and strengthening core work

  • Kendra Neethling Kendra Neethling

    Kendra is a trained Group Fitness & exercise to music instructor with a special interest in making movement fun & a compliment to ones overall Sense of well-being. Rebounding has been part of her own training for many years and Kendra is determined to share all the reasons why owning and working out on a rebounder is the best way to get moving and active.

  • Kylie Bates Kylie Bates

    Kylie runs her own mobile fitness business, Sweat Fit, and is based in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Along with teaching Bounce & Burn, Kylie offers various classes indoor, outdoor and online, including Circuits, HIIT, BoxFit and Boot Camps. She also offers one to one and small group PT sessions travelling to her clients

  • Judith Russell Judith Russell

    After losing seven stone Judith was fortunate enough to have a great personal trainer that instilled a passion for helping people. She started her Instructor journey with Rebound UK.

    Her sessions are described by many as a “bootcamp on a rebounder”  with great results for her clients – significant weight loss , stronger pelvic muscles and a fabulous increase in fitness level and enjoyment.

  • Amy Goreham Any Any Fitness

    Exercise has always played a big part in my life.  It’s a form of therapy or movement meditation and quite simply helps me to feel better.  That’s the philosophy I bring to my classes which are inclusive and open to all.  My clients love Rebounding – it is achievable, effective and fun!

  • James Winfield
    James Winfield aka. The Boss

    Co-Founder of Rebound Fitness, James has over 30 years as a pioneer of new and exciting workouts in the fitness industry.

  • Heather Moore
    Heather Moore aka. The Female Boss

    Co-Founder of ReboundUK. With a background in IT Management, Heather’s passion of helping others get fit & healthy is her driving motivation.

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