Why And How You Should Cross-Train Using A Mini Trampoline

With 2 months left to prepare for her Royal Parks Half Marathon, find out how Sarah Rodrigues over at Style Nest used Rebounding to compliment her running and get race day ready!

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I thought to be a good runner I just had to run (a lot…)?

While it’s true that to be the next Mo Farah or Usain Bolt some running will be required (shock!), it’s equally important to compliment this type of training with other forms of exercise that the body is not used to. We call this Cross-Training. Read our blog on Rebounding for Runners to find out how you can Rebound yourself to a new PB.

Rebounding to Running

So why’s Cross-Training so good for me?

Runners have their obvious strengths: power, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance in the legs. But within those strengths lies the potential for weakness: quads that overpower the hamstrings, neglected upper bodies, and poor flexibility – all of which have the potential to lead to problems if not managed correctly.

Cross-Training is vital to reduce the risk of injury by ensuring that the body remains able to adapt & improve. As well as this, alternative forms of exercise have added benefits:

  1. Improve your fitness
  2. Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  3. Improve recovery time
  4. Tedium avoidance
  5. Active recovery
  6. Increased motivation

Why Rebounding?

Rebounding reduces 87% of the shock of impact compared to running on a hard surface so is great for runners on rest days or when your knees need a rest from pounding the pavement.

A gentle 10 minute Rebound workout post run is the perfect way to dissipate the lactic acid that builds up in the lower limbs during a run. Rebounding provides an incredible lymphatic flush which removes all of the toxins and waste products that accumulated during our run.

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